Alona and Omer’s Love Festival

Photography: Or Glickman

Alona and Omer’s story begins five years ago, at an outdoor party out in the woods of the North district of Israel. Alona was looking for a ride to the party, while Omer offered to pick her up. From that trip – the magic has begun to show.

What started as a long distance relationship has gradually turned into a love-story, which reached its peak in their wedding.

Thus, on a clear May evening, Alona and Omar celebrated their love in “BaYaar”. Similar to their elegant, yet light fashion style, “BaYaar” was designed accordingly.

Delicate touches of white and peachy flowers adorned the canopy, the centerpieces of the tables decorated with natural plants, and the rest of the design work was left to the natural beauty of the forest and nature surrounding them.

Alona and Omer, we enjoyed creating the wedding you dreamed of with you!