Lihi and Omri’s Dreamlike Forest Wedding

Shitzu Photographers

Lihi and Omri knew from the very beginning that they want to marry in springtime and enjoy all the benefits of a magical garden wedding – though the weather had different plans and the forecast showed there’s a chance it will be a rainy day.


Because of the rain chance the reception was moved inside, though the outdoorsy atmosphere was still present. The design was all about elegant flowers and candles with a soft light that gave the most natural and romantic feeling.


The couple could decide in the last moment if the wedding ceremony will take place outside and a short pause of the rain made it possible: the Huppa took place in BaYaar’s garden, under the trees.


Lihi and Omri, it was so great to join you on your wedding day and we are so happy everything turned out just the way you pleased.