Micha Margalit talks about the lighting at Baya’ar

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is an apt phrase for the concept of the perfect wedding. Infinite details and planning go into creation of a memorable event.

Let’s start with (and of course finish with) the real stars of the evening – the couple. They are where the focus should be – however – one should never ignore the other critical elements: delicious food that beckons us, beautiful design that excites us, music that touches our souls and an atmosphere that pulsates with love and happiness. Each successful element will leave its mark, but when all the elements come together in harmony – the effect is unforgettable!

There is one component that is often ignored by the participants, a vital player in the production that can totally transform the ambience. It’s the lighting – and at Baya’ar we never forget about it – we specialize in it. With the proper lighting, magic happens!

Consider this, if you will. Enter a large space; say a hangar or loft, in daylight. You can imagine the effect. Then enter again in the evening – an improperly lit space will look tired, dim and unwelcoming.  That’s what you want to avoid. Proper lighting sets the stage and tone for the evening and it can work miracles.

With that in mind, our lighting expert at Baya’ar, Micha Margolit, never forgets where to place the emphasis. “My goal is to create a beautiful environment, but I always remember that this is a wedding venue and people are here to participate and share in this very important event. There is a trend today to produce big shows with the lighting and I think that is wrong – the focus should be on the couple. It is critical to understand that the lighting should enhance the atmosphere, pick it up, upgrade it a bit but never compete with the couple or create such a sensation that everything else gets lost. When I work on the lighting for a wedding it is very important that I distinguish between the couple and the background. I want to convey a wonderful feeling for the guests, always keeping in mind that the real stars of the event are the bride and groom.  At the end of the day, it is them who will convey the atmosphere and wonderful memories for their guests.”