Spectacular Colors in a Natural Vibe at Chen and Chen’s wedding

Photography: Roi Harazi


Our graceful couple Chen and Chen are nature lovers, and even their marriage proposal took place in a natural and mega-romantic spot, the vanishing lake in Timna, on the way to Eilat.

The concept the two dreamed of for their event was – of course –  was as natural and pastoral as possible, and they tell us that this is also why they chose our location. It was a pleasure to hear.

The designer they chose filled the place with a sea of flowers with a natural yet very clean look in a natural and romantic atmosphere, with touches of trendy boho that we all love.

The result was a real celebration, and the couple enjoyed every moment on the way to their beautiful canopy, which took place after a long period of lock-downs and a lot of uncertainty. What joy it is to have a happy ending that takes place in such spectacular colors. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.