Baya’ar is located in one of the few and most beautiful nature reserves along Israel’s coastline, Hasharon park.

The park is home to various flora and fauna, Baya’ar’s natural décor. Baya’ar was designed and constructed by some of Israel’s greatest talents in the architectural and built atmosphere domains. The amazing work of these experts, in addition to our years of experience, have helped us create a site that fits the needs, preferences and dreams of our clients.

With its lighting, landscaping, architecture and sound designs based on a concept of uncompromised quality, Baya’ar offers its guests a comprehensive sensual experience. Baya’ar operates under a legally required business license, thus granting our customers a strong sense of security as well as peace of mind. Peace of mind is also offered by Baya’ar’s specially designed ability to host both indoor and outdoor events; Baya’ar operates in all weather conditions.


Light & Sound

Besides the design, the lighting and sound are also one of the strongest elements affecting the event’s atmosphere. Naturally, we want to create an unforgettable impact.

Our Sound & lighting system is one of the leading state-of-the-art systems in the world and is considered to be outstanding in Israel in terms of size and quality. We only use equipment from the best European and American brands, and constantly updating new and innovative equipment in order to maintain our high standard and set us apart from our competitors.
Each host can choose the lighting design suitable for the atmosphere he wishes to create, at each and every moment during the event and in each location at the site. At one moment the building can be a peaceful, pastoral and warm place in the midst of the forest, and at the next moment it can turn into a fashionable nightclub full of energies and vibes.

Questions & Answers

Our Service Philosophy

Baya’ar is a family-run business, operated by committed people who share the same vision – uncompromising quality in everything we do and a constant striving for perfection.

The owners of Baya’ar are present at every event, from beginning to end, in order to verify and ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Paying attention to the smallest details and maintaining the highest level of service – these are the characteristics that define Baya’ar and make it stand out in the field. In addition, we choose to work only with professionals who share our commitment to excellence. We’re known for our perfectionism and we’re proud of it.

We believe that every guest of yours is a client of ours and we care about each and every one of them. Uncompromising quality, the highest level of service, personal attention and the fact that we operate under a fully recognized business license assure our clients an amazing experience. We want them to enjoy every moment of their special event – and to be totally free from worry. We guarantee that every aspect of their “simcha” will be carried out as planned.

We are fortunate to love what we do, and we’re excited to meet each and every new client. We believe that our clients are our best advertising – and we’ve had wonderful clients! We know how important all the details are to you – we worry about them so you don’t have to! When you choose to host your event at Baya’ar, you can be guaranteed that you and your guests will be thrilled. It’s our promise to you, and to us.

Our Professionals


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