Neta and Shay’s noon wedding

Photography: Igor Lubenski

Neta and Shay met when they worked together at a skydiving club. He was a skydiving guide and she worked in the club’s office, and they’ve been together ever since.

Neta and Shay’s photographs present a great amount of happy moments and pure joy, which are projected from the looks of love the two share and the huge smiles on their faces.

When it come to the wedding’s design, the two decided to go with a festive style that included many bright and colourful details. A candy boothe with sweet treats for the guests, colourful cocktails which were served alongside appetizing dishes, and on top of everything there was the natural beauty of BaYaar’s surrounding.

The two took the advantage of the beautiful locations surrounding BaYaar in order to shoot some photos, which eventually created stunnings frames, filled with natural landscapes and magical beauty.