Kaya and Roey’s Boho Wedding

Photographer: Liron Cohen Aviv

There’s no doubt that boho-chic is one of our favourite trends: the laid-back, relaxed and effortless beauty which creates the perfect chic for those who choose it. Therefore, once we saw the photographs from Kaya and Roey’s wedding, we were immediately filled with a dose of pure style.

Besides the fact that the two create gorgeous total-looks, which prove that the cliche “we look at our best when we’re comfortable” is completely true, Kaya and Roey’s beautiful wedding took the magic which naturally exists at “Bayaar” and turned it into their own.

The tables’ centerpieces included meshed candle stands which gave a romantic, ease and fun vibe. Next to them were pinecones that gave the perfect natural touch to the bohemian design of the wedding.

Alongside all of that beauty Kaya and Roey told that they felt their wedding was loaded with smiles and love which filled “Bayaar” and their hearts with pure joy and turned their weddings into the most perfect day of their lives.