The magical winter wedding of Opal and Pini

Photographer: Ori Chayun

Opal and Pini’s love story started in a typical way to our time – at Tinder. But instead of just tessling in a match, Pini, who fell in love with Opal’s picture, spotted her on Facebook, and since then it’s all history.

The urban couple lives together in the heart of Tel Aviv with a cute dog, and they often go to the beach with her, stroll through the city and spend time with good friends.

When they realized that it was Meant-to-Be, the two chose to hold the wedding in the winter – a choice that carries a certain risk that paid off.  The cold breeze contributed to the magical romantic atmosphere, and the pouring rain at the end of the event added an impressive and memorable effect.

The peak of the excitement of the evening was of course the wedding ceremony, followed by the surprise of the evening – a dance of friends in wannsee winter suits. The dancing part of the evening was full with rhythm and joy, and the two celebrated their special day surrounded with a lot of love.