Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons: A Particularly Refreshing Wedding Design

Photography: Ori Carmi

It’s no secret that accurate and elegant design is a very important part of wedding planning, but every now and then we come across design ideas that are just so cool, ones that are worth special attention. This time we have a production of “Just perfect”, and design by Zemel Designs and Access Design, with a refreshing motif – Lemons! And what we particularly liked is how the same one item can have different design interpretations in the same space and create a different and unusual statement, one that makes the wedding stand out. The lemon stars here in every corner: combined with oranges and a variety of greenery in the reception area, combined with candles and dreamy lighting that create a wintery and magical atmosphere in the center of the table, alongside white flowers and unique pottery. And of course – in a kind of unique lemon trees that take center stage. Without a doubt – here they knew how to upgrade the lemons well above the lemonade and did so with lots of style. We loved it!