Why Opt For Winter Weddings?The Reasons You May Not Have Thought Of

What Makes "Baya’ar" Winter Weddings So Unique

If you decided to break the glass in the coldest season of the year, you probably know what you’re doing. We can only assume you’ve read quite a few articles that praise the advantages of a winter wedding, which usually speak of the warmth and romanticism against a setting of rain drops. Well, that in comparison with the drops of sweat trickling down your back, and other less flattering places of your body, in summer weddings.


All of this is absolutely true, but we’ve got some more really great and original reasons as to why your decision to opt for a winter wedding couldn’t have been a better one. It’s not that we think you need any reinforcements, but for those of you who are still on the fence and contemplating waiting for summer or closing the deal here and now, here are a few pointers. The tips below are brought to you by Moran Spiegel and Gil Sapir, the leading duo from Steps Productions, who know all there is to know about the wonders of “Baya’ar.” So what’s so great about a winter wedding anyway? Keep on reading to find out.


“All the clichés are true: the romantic aspects and the desire to be joined together by matrimony are reflected in a wintertime wedding,” explains Sapir. “For starters, a winter wedding takes place under one roof, setting the tone for a warm and intimate experience for all the guests. Furthermore, it’s a lot easier to excite and surprise your guests in the winter since there aren’t that many other weddings to compare yours to. If in the summer your guest attends between 8 to 10 weddings and begins to get sick of the concept, in the winter they only attend around one or two, which makes the whole experience much more special and unique.”


Gone are the days when a winter weddings meant getting married in a closed venue in the middle of nowhere. One of the things that makes “Baya’ar” stand out is the fact that it is a completely transparent structure surrounded by magnificent trees and a garden. Thanks to its unique form of lighting, guests are made to feel that they are outdoors rather than indoors. Furthermore, the brilliant insulation work done in the place allows guests to watch the rain fall without it affecting the acoustics indoors. The acoustics and sound system in the venue also makes it possible for people to boogie the night away on the dance floor without bothering seated guests from holding a conversation without having to raise their voices.


Another important aspect couples look into when they are contemplating a winter wedding is their being able to decide on the day of their wedding whether they’d like to conduct the wedding ceremony (Chuppah) indoors or outdoors. At “Baya’ar” we offer full flexibility on this subject depending on the weather. Since we are after all in Israel, in most cases it is even possible to conduct the Chuppah outside, despite it being the coldest season of the year.


Some more perks you can only get at a winter wedding include a warm Sachlav stand, hot chestnuts, strawberries, soup and stews stands, as well as winter flowers like the tulip, ranunculus and daffodil, and so much more. Some things just go so much better with winter after all.


The topic of budget comes to mind with everything to do with the organization of a wedding. Couples can’t ignore the simple fact that winter weddings are a helluva lot cheaper when it comes to their choice of venue as well as to their hiring wedding suppliers. Another great point to be aware of is that most suppliers are far more available at this time of year. This means they’re pretty much up for grabs, so you can choose your preferred suppliers and wedding date without having to compete with other couples.


If budget is a particularly important issue for you both, we recommend to always compromise on the date rather than on the quality of your event. “At the end of the day, a positive wedding experience is one that stimulates the guests’ three main senses: hearing, sight and taste,” says Sapir.


If you take anything from this article, it should be this: no guest will tell you that your wedding was incredible because it took place in the summer. A guest will tell you your wedding was a success if they have an unforgettable time in a unique place they won’t forget with the best food they’ve ever had. That’s just what it comes down to.