Shir Moreno – a wedding at Baya’ar with the fragrance of the sea

Photography: Haim Afriat

Even if the beautiful television star Shir Moreno and businessman Oren Maor got married in their pajamas, our jaws would be dropping.  But no, they decided to really invest in their wedding as a once in a lifetime (knock on wood) event and did it with the utmost of style. The couple got married at Baya’ar without having to give up the big love of their life – the sea!

The exotic tans and the classic look was brought from home – but the place itself was filled with elements of a scenic coastline – a sandbox filled with sweets painted in the light blue shades of water as well as surprises like shells and creatures of the ocean in shades of blue, white and brown.

The tables sported yellow flowers providing just the right feeling of airiness and sunlight. Part of the seating was casual chic – comfy lounging sofas upholstered in the colors of the beach – the whole look was light and summery, while projecting class and elegance. Think less Goa, India and rather more Cannes, France.

The best of all of course was the gorgeous bride in white and the handsome groom in blue, providing the perfect finish to an absolutely unforgettable event.