A Friday wedding at Baya’ar – all vegan.

Photography: Adi Perez

There are those who do not have the ability to delay gratification, they have to do everything here and now. Or to be more precise: yesterday and fast. Itai and Nitai are the exact opposite: they planned their wedding for a year and a half, 18 months to be exact – the length of two full term pregnancies.  But at the end of that period – the creation of a perfect baby!

So, what takes so long? Well, dive deep into the world of design and dreams. The concept that enveloped the wedding was borne out of the groom’s favorite book “Secret Garden.” And that is exactly why Baya’ar provided the perfect backdrop for the enchanting tale.

It was apparent that every detail of the wedding was thought about and given attention: the design of the flowers on the tables, the napkins, the dessert plates, the graphic design of each station, dangling keys as a design element, a writing corner with an old typewriter that brought about an element of wistful nostalgia.  In addition to the creative director, Nitai and Etai helped contribute to turning fantasy into reality and the result was the fulfillment of a dream – a very spectacular event.

And that, friends, is how you spend a year and a half! Congratulations Nitai and Itai – wishing you a charmed life together.