Efrat & Ron’s Gorgeous Noon-Wedding

Photographer: Mama Photographers

There are some places that on the second you step your foot in them, their magical atmosphere surrounds you and captures you immediately. The same thing happened to Efrat and Ron when they came to BaYaar, according to them.

The sweet couple celebrated their love in a lovely friday-noon wedding, which was filled with light, love and plenty of beauty. Efrat and Ron chose to keep the natural beauty of BaYaar and merge it with their unique style. If you’re asking us, the result was extremely gorgeous.

Crystal vases with white flowers decorated the centers of the tables which matched the flowers decorating the canopy. Colourful cocktails freshened up their guests and made sure that the sunny day will quickly become a happy party.

Efrat and Ron, we loved hosting your beautiful wedding in BaYaar!