Romantic Winter Design

Photography: Ran Bergman


The potential for creating a dreamy winter design is almost endless, and we especially like to use everything it has to offer in our interior space. Although the Israeli winter sometimes forgets that it is winter, the winter style is truly unforgettable,  especially when it is so spectacular. The design created by Pine and Clover Flowers for a stunning wedding produced by Debra Goldberg Events displays all that is good in the cold season. A lot of burning candles creates a perfect fairy tale atmosphere, and immediately creates a magical atmosphere.

 The classic color palette of the flowers is green and white, and they are arranged in a variety of shapes and heights that create interest and depth. The green shades add softness to the overall look, and the white contributes to a festive and ceremonial atmosphere.

 Now all that is needed is a glass of good wine and excellent music in the background for a celebration of winter romance. A winter classic that works perfectly in every season.