Rotem and Liran’s Floral Celebration

Photography: Rami Cohen


There are couples that, just by looking at the pictures from their wedding day, you can already feel the bubbling joy and overwhelming wibes that were part of their happy day. Such are Rotem and Liran, whose every frame of their special day is full with a nonchalant atmosphere alongside precision in the small details, which makes their wedding photogenic and chill.

For the design they chose to use yellow-orange flowers, with combinations of flowers that adorned the canopy, tables and almost every corner imaginable. The look was complemented by candles and long golden candlesticks, which added a festive touch to the occasion.

The outfits of the two are also meticulous but also comfortable. Liran opted for a classic suit and papillon, and  Rotem wore an Eisen Stein chic dress, and wavy hair design combined with a perfect headpiece. After the ceremony, the dancing part of the night was the highlight of the event, and the two were full of bubbling energy and happiness.